Escape From Witchwood Hollow by Jordan Elizabeth

Escape from Witchwood HollowAt first glance, Witchwood Hollow is the typical haunted forest where all who enter are at peril—the perfect setting for teenage devilry—but first impressions are often deceiving. Witchwood Hollow is not typical. Witchwood Hollow has a heart and a long history of loss. Author Jordan Elizabeth skillfully turns the Hollow into the star of Escape From Witchwood Hollow, a young adult dark fantasy. She tells the story of Witchwood Hollow from the perspective of three young women from different eras of American history, seamlessly changing voices and concerns from that of the modern day teenager Honoria to Lady Clifford, a 1670 witch on the edge of lunacy, to Albertine, a mid-1850s young woman in search of a new life in the American frontier.

While Honoria is the intended main character, I found the stories of Lady Clifford and Albertine the propelling forces that kept me reading, and I am glad I did. The ending is truly touching and an unexpected twist on the traditional haunted forest tale.

Of the three leading women, the construction of Honoria lacked the heart of Lady Clifford and Albertine. I could not fully believe her angst or really care about her relationships. She almost felt like a placeholder for the historical characters. I also felt the author introduced too many throw away characters in the modern scenes, as if the author may have had plans for them, but they never really came to fruition.

As with all stories, I must weigh the plusses against in the minuses before deciding whether to recommend a book to others. I recommend this book because it both provides a well-round story and elicits an emotional reaction from the reader.