Troubled History by W. Parker Dennick

Troubled ImageTroubled History by W. Parker Dennick builds on the current social media phenomenon and combines it with the futuristic use of implants to keep the world constantly updated to the nth degree about anything that could be considered newsworthy. Add that to the use of virtual commuting and gaming, and most people seldom leave home. Charles Marshall lives in this world. He divides his time between gaming and editing his history book. When he is accused of murdering the host of a dinner party he attended, he has no idea how deeply he will be drawn into the creation of his own history.

W. Parker Dennick has a remarkable voice and the uncanny ability to combine a topic many might consider boring, such as history, with more interesting tools, such as compelling characters and plot. I stayed engaged in the reading of Troubled History. While the main character portrays himself as boring and passive, he has a spark of defiance about him, a sense of old school correctness and unassuming intelligence. He is a case study proving that unassuming does not mean unimportant. His associates are an intricate mix of man and machine who strive to either keep him safe or to deceive him into playing the ignorant pawn in some unknown plot.

I recommend Troubled History to anyone who likes their science fiction mixed with a liberal dose of history and humanity. You can see where the actions of today are mere threads in the web of events that may eventually lead to the world into a path of total destruction if not carefully tended by ethical people.

Originally reviewed for Readers’ Favorites