Epic Zero: A Superhero Adventure of Epic Proportions! by R. L. Ullman

Epic ZeroLife is tough when you are the only normal human in a family of superheroes known as the Freedom Force. In Epic Zero: A Superhero Adventure of Epic Proportions! By R. L. Ullman, Elliott Harness celebrates each birthday by trying to determine if he has superpowers, and this birthday is just as disappointing as the last. He feels destined to be a Zero for the rest of his life until a new girl comes to town and shows him just how special he really is. Look out villains! Here comes Elliot.

Epic Zero: A Superhero Adventure of Epic Proportions! By R. L. Ullman is a fun read that does not talk down to children. Equal time is spent on action and analysis of the dastardly situations that Elliott finds himself in. He teaches children that even if you aren’t the biggest or the baddest, you can still use your brain to outthink the enemy. I particularly appreciate that Ullman allows the parents to play a role in Elliott’s adventure when so many other kids’ books lead you believe you cannot have an adventure with parental supervision. My only complaint about Epic Zero is that some of the kids’ dialogue is too grown up. I found myself forgetting that youngsters were fighting adult villains. I respect that Elliott is a smart kid, but he is still a kid, and I think he would be more relatable if he sounded more like a kid.

As if a good read wasn’t enough, Ullman goes that extra mile by adding illustrations and statistics about each hero and villain, as well as a Meta glossary of terms and superpowers and an explanation of the characteristics used to measure a hero’s or villains Meta rating. These added features will appeal to those special boys and girls who enjoy the science in science fiction.

Origially reviewed for Readers’ Favorite