Cogling by Jordan Elizabeth

Cogling by Jordan Elizabeth
Cogling by Jordan Elizabeth

Cogling by Jordan Elizabeth is a steampunk-driven story featuring young servant Edith and street urchin Ike. When Edith’s brother is kidnapped and replaced by a mechanical cogling created by the magical hags, Edith goes on a quest to save him. Ike is her willing companion as they fight to stay alive and end a hag rebellion.

I have now read three books by Jordan Elizabeth. I’ve learned that she is an expert with plotting and setting the scene, but in this book, she has surpassed her previous attempts as character development. Edith and Ike are both remarkably strong individuals with good hearts and secret pasts. The more I read, the more I loved them. Little brother Harrison touched my heart. I ached for the horrific events that such a young child had to endure long after I finished reading the book.

I recommend Cogling to anyone who enjoys the steampunk genre or a well-developed dark fantasy. The story offers a wonderful mix of action, adventure, romance and intrigue. While the content is different, The story reminded me in spirit of the False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielson.


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