Humor Writing Tips Summed Up

meme-faces-rageI ran across the following through Google + and found it worthy of sharing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I’ve found that you can break a lot of rules with humor, but end result, you have to find a way to draw readers in and make them smile. I bet I’ve incorporated most of these humor writing tips in The Misappear Series. Keep in mind that no one trick will appeal to everyone, and for every person who finds your writing amusing, you’ll find one who doesn’t. All you can do is make the best use of your words as you can and make sure the end result makes sense and tells a story worth telling, humorous or not. That way, if they don’t get what is funny, readers can still be entertained.


A monster-length master list of over 15 tactics for writing humor, with examples from The Office,  Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Emperor’s New Groove, The Fault in Our Stars, Harry Potter, Pink Panther, The Series of Unfortunate Events, Elf, Trigun, Enchanted, The Amazing Spider-man, and more. Be prepared to laugh.


I’ve been to a few workshops on writing humor, and I’ve read about writing humor, but the funny thing is, none of them really taught me how to actually write humor. But yet they all said the same thing: Writing humor is hard, harder than writing seriously, because if you fail at humor, you fail horribly.

I heard it so much, it made me fear failure rather than strive to develop that writing talent. For years I avoided writing humor, period. But the catch to that is that I also often hear how humor is a huge draw for an audience.  Read the entire article here….

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