Shyster & Shyster Review

This review made me tear up. Someone gets Shyster & Shyster!
Shyster & Shyster“If I had to blurb it, I’d say ‘Rainbow Rowell (her adult fiction) meets Better Call Saul’, a good mix of snark, sweetness, Midwestern sleaze, and some full stop shaggy-dog insanity. What starts as a mostly believable story of competition and corner-cutting in the tax world ramps up in some pretty silly ways, and Zane has a talent for creating characters that are funny and oddball but come across as human and relatable as well. Hard to do humor well in writing, Shyster & Shyster certainly succeeds.”
Stuff like that is why writers write.
Someone hand me a tissue. I feel like I just won an Oscar.

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