Shyster & Shyster Summer Sale

SS Smash CoverVisit Smashwords and pick up your copy of Shyster & Shyster: Holy Taxation, Batman! for 50% off the regular price. This sale is good July 1 – July 31, 2016.

Lolla Brigida and Janet Shyster stumble into the Shyster & Shyster tax return preparation partnership. Accompanied by a hard-nosed female dwarf debt collector, a perpetual student intern with ADHD and a romantic interest who never gives up, the women take a humorous journey from hardly making it to losing it all to tax bracket madness.

To save their profits, Lolla and Janet turn the tax business into a church that mixes religious beliefs at will. Add a married Mother Superior, four children sold as tax deductions and an exorcism, and the women experience the miracle of true friendship and monetary success.

What Readers Are Saying About Shyster & Shyster

“Step away from the coffee. Unless you really want to spray it everywhere as you read this hilariousness! Publisher’s blurb gives you plot clues, but not much can prepare you for this snarkfest with undertones of gawdawful puns. It’s a nice length, and you simply cannot go wrong with this read!” ~~Jan Tangen

“If I had to blurb it, I’d say ‘Rainbow Rowell (her adult fiction) meets Better Call Saul’, a good mix of snark, sweetness, Midwestern sleaze, and some full stop shaggy-dog insanity. What starts as a mostly believable story of competition and corner-cutting in the tax world ramps up in some pretty silly ways, and Zane has a talent for creating characters that are funny and oddball but come across as human and relatable as well. Hard to do humor well in writing, Shyster & Shyster certainly succeeds.” ~~ChumofChance on Goodreads

“I had no idea what to expect with this book (Shyster & Shyster), but I very much liked it.The characters were complex and humorous, the plot funny and crazy enough to be believable. It was a great length as well which makes a big difference when reading comedy. The author did a fine job with the humor by stopping at just the right amount. Some humor goes a little too far making you think that author is just laughing at his or her own jokes, at the expense of the story. Not so in this case. I even find myself wondering about the characters even after the story stopped. Bottom line: I call this great writing!” ~~Kaye C Jones

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