10 Reasons to Make Lists


  1. You planned to write on your hand anyway. Now you have a reason.
  2. Checklists give you an excuse to avoid doing anything that isn’t on, you know, the agenda.
  3. No one can remember everything.
  4. A list provides proof positive just how bad of a procrastinator you really are.
  5. Everyone else makes lists.
  6. Having items to put on a to-do lineup means you do in fact have a life.
  7. Incomplete checklists make excellent lining for rabbit cages.
  8. At Christmas, you can craft paper snowflakes out of your lists to decorate your home or office. How festive is that!
  9. God made lists. Look at the Ten Commandments, so it must be the Christian thing to do.
  10. When your friend asks you to help him move, pick him up from a drunken night at the bar or loan him money, you can with all honesty tell him, “No can do, bud. You are not on my list.”

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