10 Reasons to Stay in Bed


  1. Since you know you will eventually go back to bed, should you get up, save tons of time by just staying there.
  2. Do what you are good at.
  3. When it is cold outside, there is no place warmer than under bedcovers.
  4. In the event gravity takes a turn for the worse, on your mattress is the best place to be.
  5. The average human does not get enough sleep, and sleep is essential to maintaining your health.
  6. Almost no one gets run over by a train while in snoozing.
  7. Consenting adults who share a bed have the most fun.
  8. If you get up, then you would be obligated to make the bed. Conserve energy by just staying put.
  9. Hardly anyone has ever sprained a joint or broken a bone while staying in their bunk.
  10. Dreams inspire you to greatness. Beds are engineered to maximize your dreaming potential.

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