10 Reasons to Read a Book


  1. Time flies when you read a good book.
  2. You just might learn something.
  3. You don’t need electricity or a battery life to read a book, at least during the hours between dawn and sunset.
  4. Writers can deduct the cost of reading books as market research, thereby reducing their tax debt. (Yeah right, like there are more than twenty writers on an international level who earn enough to pay taxes.)
  5. Reading helps build your vocabulary.
  6. If you can’t believe everything you see on TV or the Internet that just leaves books. (Yes, Mary, there really is a Santa. It says so right here in The Night Before Christmas.)
  7. All your friends are doing it.
  8. Reading is fat free and does not cause cancer, but it is highly addictive.
  9. None of your friends are doing it. Set a trend.
  10. Think of all the starving authors out there who could benefit from your generous support.

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