Lesson on Adult Bullying

angry, immature, bullyingIt is lesson time around dear old Francine Zane’s website. To all you wonderful people out there who honestly think that what you want really matters in the grand scheme of things, do everyone a favor and grow up.

I don’t care whether you are talking to your banker, cell phone provider, or the butcher down the street, every business you deal with has certain procedures—many of which are governed by local, state and federal regulations—that they must follow. Your whining, yelling, belittling, back handed comments, and general grouchiness really has nothing to do with it. All you really do is show your immaturity and piss off the person trying to assist you.

The fact you still throw tantrums at your age only goes to show how little respect you have for the right of others to live in a civilized society where people actually do try to work together for the good of not just you but of all people. If you really don’t like the way the world is run, do something useful for once in your life. Lobby for changes to the big picture instead of clawing around like a caveman throwback for whatever loopholes you can find to serve your personal agenda.

And to you service providers out there who give into these shameful antics, you are as much to blame for the problem as the bullies. You have taught them that behaving badly gets them what they want. Any time you go above and beyond to satisfy the rude people out there, you are shortchanging those who follow the rules of proper conduct. Grow a spine. Stand up for what is right.

To answer your next question, yes, today I am one of those angry people who feel life the world is against them. You know what? I have the good grace enough not to take it out on the guys servicing my car or preparing my lunch. I will bite back the bile threatening to spill out over the lowly clerk who can’t get her computer to cooperate while I’m waiting for answers. I will work all that anger out in other ways that don’t spread the anger like a virus. Because that is what good people do, and that is for sure how I want others to treat me.

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