country gal
Soooo not me

Traditionally, a gal is a young woman or a girl. I am neither. Why would professional men who come to me for assistance with a matter that I am considered an expert with think that it is alright to refer to me as a gal? I would never consider calling their offices and ask for one of the boys or dumb asses or turn-of-the-century sexists to call me.

Yes, I understand that in certain regions, it is still considered appropriate to address women as such, but I worked as hard for my degree as these men did for theirs. I deserve the same respect, both for my professionalism and for my age. I’m thinking Judge Judy might frown at being called a little missy. I don’t see Hillary Clinton tolerating a congressman referring to her as chicky. Why should I be expected to smile and accept this type of treatment just because social norms for my area say it is okay?

If we really want to put gender discrimination to bed, these mild slights that play down a woman’s role in the workforce need to be put to rest, right along with the old boys’ clubs, raising children is women’s work, and assuming that a woman with a family cannot be as much of a company asset as a man.

So in short, here is the deal I propose, you don’t call me anything that brings my gender or presumed age to attention, and I will do the same, ESPECIALLY when you come to me for help because you can’t get off your lazy ass and do the job you were hired to do without me. It is called being gracious. Look it up.

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