Money, Money, Money

moneyRemember the days when your boss actually gave you a paycheck. You would take the check to the bank and deposit all but a few dollars pocket money. I kind of miss those days.

Now, my check goes directly to the bank. Because it is the same amount month in and month out, I am lucky if I even pull up my pay record on the computer a couple times a year. Just as easily, I spend my money without ever seeing it. It has become an even more arbitrary form of payment than all that green paper people have been passing around for years.

Sometimes, it might be nice to get paid in silver dollars. At least those have weight  and would feel like they were worth all the hours I devote to my employer. True, not as convenient to spend, but sometimes convenience is overrated. Think about how much easier it is to throw down a debit or credit card. Many do it without even thinking about whether they have the money in the bank to cover the charge.

Silver also reminds me of jewelry, all shiny and fun to play with. Perhaps we should go back to the days when people were paid in silver, gold, and jewels. I’d really be into that jewels part.

As it is, I might as well be paid with bit coins. It all feels arbitrary. If it didn’t keep a roof over my head and food it my belly, it would serve practically no purpose at all.

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