Freelance Frustrations

I dearly love it when I write a series of articles for a client and get praised for all but one or two. On those, I get slammed. While I wholeheartedly admit to making mistakes, I make it a point to reread everything before I submit it. If time permits, I read it more than once, so a part of me cannot understand how I can suck so completely one minute and shine so brightly the next. With all due respect, it is the same writer completing all the assignments.

I also have a problem with people complaining about my work who have not ask for revisions. I do not charge for revisions. I do them quietly and professionally, and I’ve even been known to thank them for the feedback even when it was their poor instructions at fault and not my skills.

I’ve been freelancing for over a decade now. You would think I would know all of this comes with the territory, but honestly, it bugs me just as much today as it did as a beginner. Probably more so because I can’t convince myself that experienced doesn’t equate to perfect.

The big difference is I bounce back quicker. I take the punch, step back and recover, then jump back into the fray. There was a time I would have given up for weeks if not months over one rejected article. For the record, my rejection rate is quite low. Well under one percent in the grand scheme of things, but it still hurts.

Yeah, yeah, stop you’re whining, Francine, and get back to work.


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