Why do people insist on going down the rabbit hole after every little problem even if the end result remains the same?

My main job is solving problems, and I’m good at it. I mean really good at it. That said, I don’t think like many problem solvers. I don’t need to go step by step and build a mental if/then chart. I know my job well enough that I can usually skip from problem to solution with very little thought to the middle ground.

My co-workers, however, want to know the color of the guy’s shoes, what he had for breakfast, if he has regular bowel movements, and if he paid his taxes on time for the last three years before determining the next step. Mind you, none of that makes a difference to the next step. The next step will always be the same for that particular problem.

It drives them batty when I can’t answer those middle questions. They have no idea how I can possibly do my job without them. Me, on the other hand, can’t figure out why I want to create dead ends intentionally.

Good thing I don’t write the way I solve problems.


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