Sci Fi & Fantasy Kaboom

When I started writing Science Fiction and Fantasy, no one even knew what Speculative Fiction meant. The genres were dominated by men, and it was almost impossible to find a critique buddy who also wrote in the genre.

Even so, I wrote Sci Fi and Fantasy because I loved escaping from this world and going somewhere with endless possibilities. Apparently the world has finally caught up with me. According to NaNoWriMo, this year’s competitors wrote predominately in the Fantasy genre.

NaNoWriMo Statistics

Science Fiction was reasonably represented as well, and I’m betting that a good number of those Young Adult novelists were writing to Sci Fi/Fantasy readers as well.

I would say the genres are fairly saturated at the moment, wouldn’t you? And I for one have found myself shying away from reading from those genres more and more as time passes. It feels like time to move on, and I do enjoy a good Thriller or Cozy Mystery. Don’t tell anyone but I adore the Longmire Western series. Humor is always a favorite past time, and to be honest, would it not be easier to skip the world building bit and do what we were taught—write what we know? That includes where we know.

That said, I have a whole lot of Sci Fi and Fantasy to finish up before I move on. I’m hoping the new year is a more lucrative fiction writing year than last.

Wish me luck.

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