What Makes a Writer

I recently read a blog post claiming that a writer is not a writer until he shares his work with others. I have to disagree. I personally know a dozen prolific writers who seldom if ever share their work. To them, it is not good enough to share.

I know one successful writer who had a dozen novel manuscripts squirreled away, for sure that her hobby had no future. That even though she enjoyed her work, no one else would. We had to coax her to share, one story at a time. We had to hold her hand and beg her to query editors and publishers. This is what she does now for a living. She writes. She is a published author, but to me, she was already a writer.

What makes you a writer is in your actions, whether word one is ever shared. Whether you ever see publication or have fans or make money. If you enjoy what you do and would rather do that than anything else, give yourself credit. Even if not one word of it is good, you are following your dream. It is so much more than so many ever do.

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