For the last several years, I’ve picked at a young adult speculative fiction piece titled Bubbles. My daughter has finally pried it out of my hands and forced me to publish it. Mostly, I believe, so that I will move on with a sequel to the story. Hah! Don’t tell her, but the sequel is already at roughly 20k words.

cover (2)Here is a bit about Bubbles:

In a world where renew, recycle, reuse trumps innovation, fad, and change, life as a scientist’s daughter isn’t easy. On the verge of arrest, Kat’s father tells her to “Run!” And that is exactly what she does. With the aid of her best friend Mylla and bodyguard Bryan, Kat leaves home and faces wilderness dangers, always just one step ahead of the Authorities.

Unsure of exactly why the Authorities want her so bad, Kat loyally follows wherever others lead, until she is forced to take control of her own life. Only then does she understand her true self-worth.

Bubbles is currently available at Amazon.com.

I would dearly appreciate honest book reviews.

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