Book Review: One Night Only by G.P. Ritchie

One Night Only by G.P. Ritchie features Detective Andy Lorimar as he attempts to solve the mystery of a dead city councilor in Edinburgh. His investigation brings him into contact with a quirky psychic and a cast of skilled officers determined to close the case in the wake of political pressure. Where they look for the most obvious path, Andy faces the challenge as a complex game, ferreting out clues to not only the councilor’s death but to an ages-old series of horrific crimes.

One Night Only is a dark tale of murder intertwined with Andy’s own coming of age story. Like a sophisticated French braid, G.P. Ritchie weaves the plots together a few strands at a time, smoothing away the reader’s doubts as they arise with an attractive blend of action, detail, and intrigue. He binds the plot off with an amazing reveal that is both satisfying and memorable.

While I love a good mystery, I think I preferred Andy’s personal story just as much, and the way it comes to light shows how much a creative talent Ritchie really is. I was awed at the amount of backstory and subplots he was able to incorporate while maintaining a comfortable pace. His decisive writing style and attention to detail made it easy to fall into the story without doubting the authenticity of police procedures. I also appreciate the light hand Ritchie used through most of the book to incorporate that supernatural element that elevates it another dimension. It felt real and helped maintain that dark edge that made One Night Only such an enjoyable read.

Originally written for Readers’ Favorite


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