Book Review: Accidents Happen by Sharon Karaa

In Accidents Happen by Sharon Karaa, Tabitha is days away from her wedding when an accident leads to her soul to being harvest by a collector. Now stuck with Death and his infuriating but handsome minion Cooper, Tabitha struggles with both getting her body back and deciding if a loveless marriage is truly the way to go. Meanwhile, Mort—the collector who accidentally separate her soul from her body—is now inhabiting her body. There is no telling what sort of trouble that will cause her.

Accidents Happen by Sharon Karaa is one of those hidden treasures that makes my job so gratifying. Accidents Happen is a delightful mix of comedy, romance, and life lessons that are both engaging and heartwarming. Tabitha and Cooper may be the main characters but the depiction of Death, Mort, and Tabitha’s mother are the jam that holds the plot together.

While the premise is not necessarily the freshest, Karaa’s take on it is. Her sense of humor ranges from subtle to downright silly, and her ability to weave this tale into a complete novel is addictive. I particularly enjoyed the scenes where Coop takes Tabitha soul collecting as a challenge to show her just how hard his job is. But beneath all the humor and paranormal elements, the humanity of the piece touched my heart.

Had I known going in how much I would enjoy this book, I would have allotted larger blocks of time to my reading schedule. I look forward to reading more for this talented humor writer in the near future.

Written for Readers’ Favorite

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