Why do people insist on going down the rabbit hole after every little problem even if the end result remains the same? My main job is solving problems, and I'm good at it. I mean really good at it. That said, I don't think like many problem solvers. I don't need to go step by … Continue reading Logic

I See Color

I’ve been told I shouldn’t see color. I disagree. I see color, the red of roses, the blue in the sky, the green of the grass. I see the shades of gray in a goose’s feathers, the yellow bleeding into reds and oranges of a sunset. I see the blush of a young girl’s cheeks, … Continue reading I See Color


Traditionally, a gal is a young woman or a girl. I am neither. Why would professional men who come to me for assistance with a matter that I am considered an expert with think that it is alright to refer to me as a gal? I would never consider calling their offices and ask for … Continue reading Gal