Bunny Hunny

A bunny. Really? Looking into the pet carry that had mysteriously shown up on my doorstep, I had no idea who or why I was the lucky recipient of a real honesty-to-goodness fluffy white bunny, complete with big brown eyes and a pink nose. It looked at me with one big eye while its nose … Continue reading Bunny Hunny


I find myself with too much time and too little to do with Rassmussen away.  I’ve considered cleaning out the basement of his roadkill collection.  I even threatened him with it when he left.  It didn’t help matters.  He told me it was replaceable and to do whatever I liked, which immediately took all the … Continue reading Humdrum

Vote Rassmussen

Earlier, I sat at my desk, going through all the literature, comparing my options, making my list, and checking it twice.  No, I’m not one of those people who shops for Christmas in August; I am a voter.  Not just any voter, I am an informed voter, or at least I try to be. Rassmussen … Continue reading Vote Rassmussen

Life with a Woman

The blasted woman is on strike and has left me to write the column for this issue.  Won’t even give me a byline.  Said something about abusive gargoyles didn’t deserve the attention.  Humph.  What does she know?  She’s just a female and little more than a child.  Old, indeed.  When she has seen as much … Continue reading Life with a Woman