Seeing Monsters

Time went wonky when night slammed shut like a hammer against an anvil. Herbert and Grace were left with only the stars to guide them through the trees, up the lane, back to the village where families awaited them. Shadowed things passed between them and the sky, circling as if looking for something. They never … Continue reading Seeing Monsters

Important Things

She whined when I said the word beads. As always, I had failed to meet my mother’s exacting standards. The necklace I had given her—no matter how pretty—was made of nothing more than glass beads. “I’m sorry, mother, but look how each one glistens in the light.” “Beads? Oh, I’m sure they do. Mass-marketed babbles … Continue reading Important Things

Fried Calamari

I'm kind of proud of Fried Calamari. After all this time, it is still doing well as a short fantasy story. Check out the recent Amazon rankings. I can't wait for Shyster & Shyster to come out, then Calamari reappears in Lesbian Cure, book two of the Misappearance Series.